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hello!! my name is Kari (she/hers) on the interwebs and this is my art blog.
Ringling CA '18

|| 2014 CONS ||
ACen (May 16-18; Rosemont, IL)
Dashcon (July 11-13; Schaumburg, IL)

drop by my table if you're an attendee!

Please read this if you're interested!

Figured I should probably get round to posting ACen pictures~

So um, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO MY TABLE, BOUGHT PRINTS/BUTTONS/COMMISSIONS OR JUST LOOKED AROUND. And to those who asked for business cards too ahaha I really should’ve printed some out orz

But yeah, despite the stress and the overwhelming-ness of it all, I had a great time! I made a lot of new amazingly artistic friends, caught up with old ones, and just had a ton of fun u v u

I’m not sure if I’ll be alleying again next year—I kind of want to go as a regular attendee and just hang around at panels, but we’ll see.

(the first picture is from Friday when I forgot to put up the Fairy Tail print LOL FUCK)

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